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Calculate compound interest (ci) with this accurate, fast, and easy to use calculator. Just enter the starting balance, rate of interest, time period, and interval of compound to get precise results instantly.

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The starting balance is the amount of funds/money in an account at the beginning.


The interest rate is a percentage value that is paid or received on the starting balance.


The tenure is the time period which tells you for how many years you will earn or pay the compound interest.

The compound interval is how often the interest rate will apply on the amount. The smaller the compounding intervals, the higher the interest rates will be.

Final Balance


Interest Gained


Initial Amount


Monthly Interest


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Common questions about Compound Interest

How is compound interest calculated with formula

A = P(1 + (r ÷ n))nt


A is the final amount.

P is the initial principal amount.

r is the annual interest rate.

n is the number of times interest applied per time period.

t is the number of time periods elapsed.

From this, we get to know that your Interest value depends on 4 factors: The initial principal amount, annual interest rate, number of times interest applied per time period, and number of time periods elapsed.'s main purpose is to provide fast, helpful, convenient, and 100% free online calculators in various categories. Currently, we have around 20 calculators to help you do quick calculations in categories such as fitness, finance, health, math, temperature, and others, and we are developing new calculators every week.
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